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The main activities of LUC include

The League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC) is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the continued growth and development of a prosperous Ukrainian community in Canada. It maintains strong ties with Non-governmental Organizations in Canada and Ukraine, recognizing a strong interdependency and the mutual benefit of communication and cooperation.

The main activities of LUC include:

  • joint educational projects with organizations in Ukraine to help raise the awareness of Ukrainian history and promote the tenets of democracy and human rights;
  • cultural events for the enrichment of its membership and the Ukrainian Canadian community;
  • education and research on the role of the Ukrainian community in a multicultural Canada;
  • publications on current events, historical analyses and commentary as they relate to Ukrainian issues;
  • promotion of a spirit of friendship and partnership between Canada and Ukraine, including people - to - people relations.

The organization's national executive is based in Toronto, Ontario. Members belong to one of 20 branches across Canada which, through their multi-faceted activities, fulfill the many objectives of the organization.

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